Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ms. Smriti Limbu, one of our blogger trained 20 young people on BLOGGING

So often, young people rarely share what they have learnt. They might be aware about competitive world and don't want others to go beyond themselves. But there are some young people, really enthusiastic, wanna do something for others, sharing their experiences and skills, because they believe on their potentialities.

Sunday, August 11, 2013




Mr. Prem Lamichhane

Ms. Suchita Shrestha
1st Runner Up

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bloggers Remarked World Social Media Day 2013 by Blogging

The World Social Media Day 2013 was remarked by blogging on the title "ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TO BUILD YOUTH CAPACITY" by the bloggers of this project. We know that the generation of social media is growing and it is in no time that we are being connected through different social networks. Most of the time, we spent doing different activities in social media, but some of us still miss the charm of being beyond social media. It is not just about chatting with friends, not about posting photos or updating status but there is something else, yes that can really help to build in your capacity, boost your skills and enhance your confidence level.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Sustainable Dream: To Organize Online Discussion via Facebook

Ms. Tanuja Shrestha 
What I feel in today’s context is youth are mostly suffered because their ideas do not match when they try to link the ideas with each other, if they are residing in two separate areas of rural and urban locality but working for same issue. The youth of rural area may be thinking in a separate way whereas the youth of urban would have quite different ideas through which they can’t implement their ideas in a sustainable way.

My Sustainable Dream: Trash Art

Ms. Anjani Joshi
Solid Waste has become one of the biggest challenges in the urban areas. With the increased population and change in the consumption pattern, the generation of solid waste has been increasing day by day in Kathmandu valley. But due to the inefficient resources, there has been a huge problem with the management of the solid waste. The solid wastes are haphazardly dumped in the roads and rivers which has added fuel to increase the pollution in the city. Therefore, it is a high time to address the problem of solid waste from the individual level.

My Sustainable Dream: Zero Energy Eco-Village

Mr. Pranaya Bhandari
In Nepal more than 51% of the people are below poverty line and in these concrete buildings, there is possibility of this eco friendly zero energy villages. For the set exhibition, our project is on zero energy eco-village. This is the environment friendly eco village, which is helpful to the poor people also. We got the idea of this project by the visit of Pharping in which we saw about the glass bottle house. Gradually we develop the idea to make eco friendly village more than a house. Zero energy-eco villages are the village where we use only solar energy. It is also known as poorhouse. In this project, we re-use plastic bottle (especially mineral water bottle) for our construction. In this we show about the dry toilet, reuse of plastic (cover of noodles and chocolate).we show about the use of urine. There will not be use of any product run by hydropower.