Blogging Competition

Week 1 (5-11 June 2013)
Topic: "Environment: How Do You Define It?"

Week 2 (12-18 June 2013)
Topic: "Role of Youth for Cleaner and Greener Environment"

Week 3 (19-26 June 2013)
Topic: "Youth Employment: Decent Work for All Young People, Everywhere"

Week 4 (27 June-3 July 2013)
Topic: "The End of Millennium Development Goals and Beyond" 

Week 5 (4-13 July 2013)
Topic: "Youth Climate Report: The Youth Express"
The bloggers will be making a video post by taking interview of climate expertise, scientists, students, youth organization and clubs, activists and local communities.

Week 6 (14 - 31 July 2013)
The bloggers will promote their blog and try to increase the visitors as well as their blog posts.

Week 7 (1-9 August 2013)

Grand Finale (10 August) 
Announcement of Winners!!

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