Friday, May 17, 2013

My Sustainable Dream: Zero Energy Eco-Village

Mr. Pranaya Bhandari
In Nepal more than 51% of the people are below poverty line and in these concrete buildings, there is possibility of this eco friendly zero energy villages. For the set exhibition, our project is on zero energy eco-village. This is the environment friendly eco village, which is helpful to the poor people also. We got the idea of this project by the visit of Pharping in which we saw about the glass bottle house. Gradually we develop the idea to make eco friendly village more than a house. Zero energy-eco villages are the village where we use only solar energy. It is also known as poorhouse. In this project, we re-use plastic bottle (especially mineral water bottle) for our construction. In this we show about the dry toilet, reuse of plastic (cover of noodles and chocolate).we show about the use of urine. There will not be use of any product run by hydropower.

  • To make a model of eco-friendly village.
  • To help the poor and needy people.
  • To save the environment.
  • To aware people regard easiness, simplicity and economically sound eco house. 
Construction material
  • While constructing this zero energy eco house we use different things like:
  • Mineral water bottle
  • Sand
  • Bamboo
  • Solar panel
  • Ply wood
This are the major things, beside this we use different types of the eco friendly materials.

Target group
  • The main target of our project is poor people and for those people who are economically not good.
  • People living in remote area.
In a nutshell, Zero Energy Eco Village is an effective effort to conserve the environment. It can also provide shed to those group of people who have no shelter as it is cost efficient and it is easy to make.


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