Friday, May 17, 2013

My Sustainable Dream: Trash Art

Ms. Anjani Joshi
Solid Waste has become one of the biggest challenges in the urban areas. With the increased population and change in the consumption pattern, the generation of solid waste has been increasing day by day in Kathmandu valley. But due to the inefficient resources, there has been a huge problem with the management of the solid waste. The solid wastes are haphazardly dumped in the roads and rivers which has added fuel to increase the pollution in the city. Therefore, it is a high time to address the problem of solid waste from the individual level.

In order to address the issue of Solid Waste Management, I would like to implement the concept of “Trash Art” in various schools of Kathmandu Valley. The theme of the trash art will be “Everything is a Resource if we know how to use it”. In today’s context, students are basically taught about 3R concept in their school curriculum. However, they’re not taught on how to practically implement those ideas which has limited the knowledge only in theories. So, this project will be basically focused onto aware students regarding solid waste and our responsibilities for its management. The project will be using “Trash” such as paper, rubber tube, cans, bottles etc. as its “Resource” to form various decorative items, jewelleries and gift items. 

The main objectives of the “Trash Art” are:
  • To explore the creativity of the students in creating best out of waste
  • To generate “Cash out of Trash”
  • To teach students on the creative and practical solutions to the burning problem of solid waste management
Therefore, the project intends to change the perception of the people on Trash as a valuable resource.


  1. creativity and cash out of trash while saving environment, awesome !!

  2. Great initiative Anjany. I look forward to seeing the things the children create!

  3. Awesome concept...mobilization of students (the young minds) and exploring their creativity.. and what better than turning cash out of trash...all the best.

  4. Continuation of cool initiation.Great!! Count me in for this campaign.

  5. creativity, environment friendly, economic turnout along with a good culture to build up among the upcoming generation...a cool and innovative idea...keep it up anjani... :)

  6. "CASH OUT OF TRASH" plus "ART" some thing brilliant and interested topic for both students and those who will teach 'em..... Today's ENVIRONMENT will definitely say "Thankyou for keeping me as beautiful as I am..... :)"

  7. Wow great initiation! I am also part of your campaign! I know some devotees in 3R,Mr Bijay Prajapati and Mr. Raju Khadaka, who can be a great help, , for this project. Guess you know them. If not let me know:)

  8. 'cash out of trash'= 'best out of waste'

  9. Great idea Anjani ! I also feel that young students are the best target group to initiate such activities because they are the future of nation. If they are taught in young than surely the future Nepal will be more clean. I think it would be better to develop thrash arts and educational equipments that can be use in the schools and class rooms. Students can create arts and display them in the classrooms or they can demonstrate in the school exhibition day where parents and other people can see and appreciate their arts. Similarly it would also be appreciable to teach teacher to develop educational and teaching maters from thrash.

    Keep it up