Friday, May 17, 2013

My Sustainable Dream: To Organize Online Discussion via Facebook

Ms. Tanuja Shrestha 
What I feel in today’s context is youth are mostly suffered because their ideas do not match when they try to link the ideas with each other, if they are residing in two separate areas of rural and urban locality but working for same issue. The youth of rural area may be thinking in a separate way whereas the youth of urban would have quite different ideas through which they can’t implement their ideas in a sustainable way.

So, I would say that through networking on the basis of active communication like Facebook, Twitter, etc. we can implement the ideas with respect to any type of change occurring in our community to move towards sustainability. They can communicate even living in their own areas as every youth nowadays have access to internet and use Facebook frequently. The online discussion will bring the common ideas in a single platform and help to bridge the gap in between rural and urban youth. In this way, I feel there won’t be any conflict or confusion within their initiations for protecting or conserving environment or if they are working on any other aspects of their locality. What we see today is when they are brought together to work in a joint way, they don’t seem to have compatibility among themselves, have clear concepts regarding their aims and objectives. 

Hence I prefer the need of maximum communication among them to enhance their ideas and look forward to bring change in their communities through advance technology and being more social. The whole work can be converted to an outcome of national level. 

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  1. I like your idea.I hope online discussions will help me and other people who are interested in this field of making our sustainable society.