Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bloggers Remarked World Social Media Day 2013 by Blogging

The World Social Media Day 2013 was remarked by blogging on the title "ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TO BUILD YOUTH CAPACITY" by the bloggers of this project. We know that the generation of social media is growing and it is in no time that we are being connected through different social networks. Most of the time, we spent doing different activities in social media, but some of us still miss the charm of being beyond social media. It is not just about chatting with friends, not about posting photos or updating status but there is something else, yes that can really help to build in your capacity, boost your skills and enhance your confidence level.
And sometimes, it is also full of opportunities. It is a good platform for sharing and communicating but also a strong ladder to your career if you only know how to use it in a better way.

Here are the blog posts made by the bloggers on the given title: "ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TO BUILD YOUTH CAPACITY".

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  1. I missed the event this event and I hope I could be a part of this event for next year. I wish all the good luck to all the Social Media Agencies throughout the world. Let's make quality content together.