Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ms. Smriti Limbu, one of our blogger trained 20 young people on BLOGGING

So often, young people rarely share what they have learnt. They might be aware about competitive world and don't want others to go beyond themselves. But there are some young people, really enthusiastic, wanna do something for others, sharing their experiences and skills, because they believe on their potentialities.

Moving a step forward, one of our blogger, Ms. Smriti Limbu trained 20 young people on how to blog. She said that after being a part of this project and learning to blog, most of the people know her as an active blogger. And encouraged by Ms. Kabita Gautam, she is now teaching her juniors how to blog. Below are the blogs so far created by her trainees and there are more to come.
We need an innovation as well as replication of such initiative in broader aspects. There is a need of mutual understanding and sharing with no selfishness. There is a need of common platform for like minded young people to bring about a change in their attitude.

Everyone is a leader, it just takes a minute to step in and take a lead.


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  5. Dear Madam
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